Introducing the new AW14 ‘Places’ campaign by Antony Morato, featuring a fashion film project shot in locations around the world. The campaign takes you on a journey showing three young men in three different European cities, including Naples, Barcelona and London.

Shot by Toni Thorimbert and Brando De Sica, a young Italian director, the adventurous spirit of Antony Morato is portrayed throughout the campaign.

Each of the cities used in the campaign are relevant to the history and roots of the Antony Morato brand.

resized2 Brando De sica (4)

Naples is one of the cities featured in the campaign and is the beloved town of Antony Morato and Stefano. For the new campaign they enlisted a Neopoliton actor as one of the main characters of the campaign, who is obsessed with the discrepancies that one of the most beautiful cities in the world has.

resized Naples

Barcelona is another city included in the campaign. An inspiration for Antony Morato as the city that constantly reinvents itself, providing influence for the brand as it constantly looks to renew itself. domain webhosting info Daniel is the main character who is a young German boy from Hamburg who is a dancer, drawer, model and who’s looks match his personality, both gentle and sophisticated.

resized Barcelona

London is a city where different worlds collide, where people breathe freedom and where there is no fear, which embodies the brand’s core values. Starring in the London shoot is Val, who is originally from Italy but defines himself as a true London citizen, who came to the capital with two missions, to find music and love.

resized2 London

The AW14 campaign shows the true Morato aesthetic through the three Morato Men, who are always ready to leave for a new adventure, daring, uncompromising, and free to be and reinvent themselves and the places where they want to live.


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